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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I blog without a google account?

Answer: You can publish on SANHS blogger threads if you have a Yahoo, Twitter, AIM, Netlog, OpenID account. Click on the SANHS Blogs navigation button down the LHS of the home page and then select one of the SANHS Blogs (eg SANHS Marketing).

You will see a listing of all marketing blogs down the page and a blog archive on the RHS of the page. Click on the particular blog you want to comment on (eg July 2012) and you will see a page for that blog. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a comment box and a box to select a profile.

Select the appropriate profile and sign in. If you cannot find an appropriate profile, click on the 'join this site' button at the top RHS corner of the page and the sign in with Yahoo, Twitter, AIM, Netlog, OpenID. If you have none of these accounts, it is very easy and secure to open a Google account with a username, password, and a date of birth (yours or a n other's) on the 'create a new google account' link.



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