Library Borrowing Rules

The SANHS Library Collection (‘the SANHS Library’) was deposited at the Somerset Heritage Centre (‘the Heritage Centre’) in July 2010, under the terms of a Library Collection Agreement (‘the Agreement’) between SANHS and Somerset County Council (‘SCC’) dated 28 July 2010. Items from the SANHS Library are available for the public to consult at the Heritage Centre but not to borrow. The main components of the SANHS Library are summarised in the Standing Orders of the SANHS Library Committee.

The borrowing rules approved by SANHS Trustees and the Somerset County Council can be read by clicking here.



The library has always had catalogues, but it is no longer possible to avoid them and go straight to the shelves. So here are a few words of explanation. We have about 18,000 books and pamphlets, not counting periodical parts. Of these: 6,600 are only in the card catalogue; 6,900 are only in the online catalogue; 4,500 are in both.

The card catalogue is kept in the public reading room at the Somerset Heritage Centre. The cards are arranged in a single alphabet, which includes all authors, many titles, and some subjects. Each of the main (usually author) entries includes a shelf number, and you should quote this number, as well as the book's title, when asking for the book to be produced in the Somerset Heritage Centre reading room.

To use the online catalogue:

1. Go to the website, or select "Use the catalogue" on a computer in any Somerset, BANES, North Somerset or Bristol public library.

2. Select one of the options (Keyword, Author, Title, etc.) under "Search the catalogue", and click on it.

3. Insert a keyword (or author, etc.) in the top search box, use the drop-down in the second box, if desired, to change "All libraries" to "Somerset Archaeological Taunton" and click on the Search button.

4. One or more entries should be displayed. If they continue down the page past the bottom of the screen, scroll down to see the remaining ones. If they continue again onto subsequent pages, click on page numbers or "Next" to see these. Click on an author's name, or on the "More Details" button, more than once if necessary, to reach the full entries.

5. Scroll down the screen again to see "Copy Availability" including "Shelf location", and quote the shelf number found there, like the ones found in the card catalogue, when asking for a book to be produced.



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