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Volume 157 - 2014

Volume 158 - 2015

Excavation and Survey at Porlock Stone Circle and Stone Row, Exmoor
- Mark Gillings
Who were the Vicars Choral of Wells c.1200-1380?
- Tony Scrase
Fairfield House, Stogursey; an archaeological study of the grounds and the historic fabric of the house by
- Alan Graham and Rachel Shaw
Evidence of seventeenth-century pottery production at Wrangway, Somerset by
- Terry Pearson with David Dawson and Michael Ponsford
The geological landscape of Somerset in the late 18th century: the observations of Rack and Collinson
- Hugh Prudden

Shorter papers
An unrecorded Prehistoric “Stonyman” at Westbury-Sub-Mendip by
- Barry Lane
A section through the bank of the southern-most circle of Priddy Circles, Mendip, Somerset
- Alan Graham
Radiocarbon dating of some late medieval timbers by
- John Rickard
Ham Hill
- Marcus Brittain, Niall Sharples and Christopher Evans
Building recording in 2014
- Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Report on Portable Antiquities Scheme 2014
- Laura Burnett
Somerset Archaeology 2014
- C. J. Webster
Ecology in Somerset 2014
Editorial by
- Natural History Committee
The intertidal invertebrate fauna of Somerset by
- John Crothers
Nettlecombe Tree Regeneration by
- John Crothers
Natural history reports
Book reviews
Proceedings of the Society
Obituary of Hilary Binding by
- Tom Mayberry
Obituary of Graham Rix
- Simon Leach
Additions to the Library and articles and chapters from non-Somerset periodicals and books
- David Bromwich
Index compiled by Mary Siraut


Volume 157 - 2014

The ancient territories of Frome and Bruton in Somerset
- Frank Thorn
Old Auster
- Barry Lane
Mercantile debt in Somerset, 1500–1550: evidence from the court of Common Pleas
- Philip Ashford
After the end: Glastonbury Abbey, 1539–1825
- Adam Stout
Wookey Club Houses: the Fixed Assets of a Friendly Society
- Brian Luker
William Taylor’s Agricultural Experiment: Eastwood Manor Farm, East Harptree
- William Evans and Robert Lawrence
Shorter contributions
Buttle Lane, Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset
- Alan Graham
The Winscombe project: 2013
- Teresa Hall and Maria Forbes
Book reviews
Building recording in 2013
- Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Report on Portable Antiquities Scheme 2012–2013
- Laura Burnett
Somerset Archaeology 2013
- C. J. Webster
Ecology in Somerset 2013
- Natural History Committee
Quantock Orchards
- Marianna Dudley et al
Mendip Hills Big Bat Survey: assessing bat distribution across a landscape
- C. H. Shellswell, L. Morris, J. M. Reid and E. A. Wells
Natural history reports
Book reviews
Proceedings of the Society

Additions to the Library and articles and chapters from non-Somerset periodicals and books
- David Bromwich
Index compiled
- Mary Siraut

Volume 156 - 2013


Bronze-Age and later archaeology at Wick Lane, Norton Fitzwarren
- Mary Alexander and Neil Adam
A Bronze-Age burial and barrow on Beacon Hill, Mendip: excavations and analysis 2007—8
- Peter Leach
Excavation of the prehistoric landscapes of Lanacombe, Exmoor
- Mark Gillings
The Ilchester to South Petherton pipeline
- Mark Brett and Andrew Mudd
A sculpture of John the Baptist at Muchelney Abbey
- Julian Luxford
Sir Francis Dodington (1604-70): a prominent Somerset royalist in the English Civil War
- Michael French
The end of Bridgwater Castle
- Miles Kerr-Peterson
Fittings, furniture and decoration in Somerset Churches
- Mark McDermott
Shorter contributions:
Ham Hill
- Marcus Brittain, Christopher Evans and Niall Sharples
New Radiocarbon Dates for Somerset
- M Aston, J McKinley and G Cook
The Winscombe Project, Somerset, 2012
- Mick Aston, Maria Forbes and Teresa Hall
Building recording in 2012
- Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group.
Book reviews.
Report on Portable Antiquities Scheme 2010–2011
- Laura Burnett
Somerset Archaeology 2012
- C J Webster
Ecology in Somerset 2012
Editorial by Natural History Committee
King Diving Beetle

- A F Serjeant
Shorter contribution
Plant Galls in Somerset
- Stephen J Parker and Simon J Leach
Natural history reports
Book reviews
Proceedings of the Society
Obituary of Barbara Lowe
- David Dawson
Additions to the Library and articles and chapters from non-Somerset periodicals and books
- David Bromwich
Index compiled
- Mary Siraut


Volume 155 - 2012

The Roman settlement at Fosse Lane, Shepton Mallet: the Tesco excavations, 1996-7
- Peter Ellis and Peter Leach
- Specialist Reports: Umberto Albarella, Lynne Bevan, Brenda Dickinson, Andy Hammon, Kay Hartley,
Birgitte Hoffmann, Julie Jones, Joanna Mills, Stephen Minnitt, Donald Mackreth,
Stephanie Pinter-Bellows, Fiona Roe, and Roger Tomlin

Identifying the early medieval towns of Somerset
- Carole Lomas
Medieval and post-medieval occupation at Millbrook Mews, Milborne Port
- Jörn Schuster, Steve Thompson and Andrew B. Powell.
More dovecotes in historical Somerset, with other evidence of early pigeon-keeping
- John and Pamela McCann
Medieval farming in Winscombe parish in North Somerset
- Mick Aston with Martin Ecclestone, Maria Forbes and Teresa Hall.
Green Ore and Whitnell: medieval and post-medieval landholdings and topography on Mendip
- Colin J. Brett
The ancient territory of Somerton, Somerset
- FR. Thorn
Shorter papers:
A late Mesolithic site at Larkbarrow on Exmoor
- Rob Wilson-North and Paula Gardiner
Geophysical survey at Porlock stone circle
- Mark Gillings and Jeremy Taylor.
The Winscombe project 2011
- MickAston, Maria Forbes and Teresa Hall.
The Jews Churchyard, Bridgwater
- Miles Kerr-Peterson.
A Late Bronze Age/Earliest Iron Age settlement on Bathampton Down, Bath
- Rod Thomas, John Oswin and Lisa Brown.
Building recording in 2011
- Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Book reviews
Somerset Archaeology 2011
- CJ. Webster.
Ecology in Somerset 2011

- Simon J. Leach.
A study of mesotrophic grassland succession in South Somerset
- Flemming Ulf-Hansen.
National project shows Somerset to be a 'hotspot' for Britain's rarest bat - Bechstein's bat (Myotis Bechsteinii)
- A.F Serjeant and P Kennedy.
Distribution of the Adder (Vipera Berus) in the Quantock Hills, Somerset: results of a survey in 2011
- John Dickson.
A review of a new section in the Beacon Limestone Formation (Barrington Member) and Marlstone Rock Bed (Pliensbachian-Toarcian Stages, Lower Jurassic) near Seavington St Michael, South Somerset
- John G. Huxtable.
Shorter contribution:
A review of stoneworts in the Somerset Levels and Moors
- N.F Stewart.
Natural history reports.
Proceedings of the Society.
Obituary: Philip Rahtz
- Mick Aston.
Additions to the Library and articles and chapters from non-Somerset periodicals and books
- David Bromwich.
- Peter Ellis.


Volume 154 - 2011

Some visitors to Banwell bone cave
- David Bromwich
Excavation and survey at the Exmoor stone settings of Lanacombe I and IV

- Mark Gillings and Jeremy Taylor
Assessing the contribution of commercial archaeology to the study of Roman Somerset, 1990-2004
- Neil Holbrook
Multi-period archaeology at Wellow Lane Peasedown St John: excavations 2004-5
- Michael Rowe and Mary Alexander
Medieval woodland in Winscombe parish in North Somerset
- Mick Aston with Martin Ecclestone, Maria Forbes and Teresa Hall
Defing 'Winterstoke' Hundred, Somerset
- F R Thorn
Saxo-Norman pottery in Somerset: some recent research
- John Allan, Michael J Hughes and Roger T Taylor
Shorter papers:
New radiocarbon dates for early medieval Somerset - Mick Aston et al
New radiocarbon dates from the cemetery at Bradley Hill, Somerton - James Gerrard

The Winscome project 2010 - Mick Aston, Maria Forbes and Teresa Hall
Roman finds at Ford Farm, Bawdrip - Phil Knibb
Building Recording in 2010 - Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Book reviews
Somerset archaeology, 2010 edited by NC Payne and C J Webster
Ecology in Somerset
- Simon J Leach
Fossil nautiloids from the Upper Lias (Toarcian) 'junction bed' of the Ilminster area, Somerset - Andy King
How do first flowering dates today compare with those recorded by Walter Watson in the first half of the 20th century- Simon J leach
What foraging resources are used by bumblebees on the Somerset Levels and which are key to retaining bumblebee diversity - Christopher Iles
Shorter communications:
Which clones of Populus Nigra subsp. Betulifolia do we have in Somerset - Mark Anderson and Fred Rumsey
The status of the Flowering-Rush Weevil Bagous Nodulosus in Somerset - James McGill
Natural History reports
Book reviews
Proceedings of the Society
Obituary: Robin Bush-Tom Mayberry
Additions to the Library and articles from non-Somerset periodicals relevant to Somerset - David Bromwich
Associated Societies 2010-11
Contents of recent SANHS volumes
Index - Peter Ellis


Volume 153 - 2010

Furniture in Wells Cathedral
- Gerard Leighton
'That most amous monasterium at Bath', its hundred hides and its estates, viewed from South Stoke
- Frank Thorn
Medieval settlements in Winscombe parish in North Somerset

- Mick Aston with Matrin Ecclestone, Maria Forbes and Teresa Hall
The Storkes, Binghams and Gerards of Trent: an investigation into the origin of a glass armorial panel of the late 15th or early 16th century
- Jane Sayers
John Locke's Somerset Property
- Roger Woolhouse
Paper and papermakers around Wells
- Brian Luker
The rise and fall of the brewing industry in the Wells area: 18th-20th century
- Tony Scrase
Red earthenware pottery from the Chandos Glass Cone, Bridgwater
- Eric Boore and Terry Pearson
RAF West Myne: a short-lived radar station of the 1950s in West Somerset
- CJ Webster
Shorter papers:
Lower Palaeolithic artifacts from Abbots Leigh, Somerset - Brian Hack
A Romano-British building at Queen Camel - Alan Graham
An early millstone from Sandford, Winscombe, in North Somerset - Mick Aston and Martin Watts
A probable late-medieval lantern cross head from Stapleton, Martock, South Somerset - Mick Aston
Fairfield House, Stogursey: excavations, 2009 - RA Broomhead, Alan Graham and Rachel Shaw
Architectural fragments from Glastonbury Abbey at Southtown, West Pennard - TF Hopkinson-Ball
A medieval English hand 'reliquary' from Glastonbury Abbey? Update - TF Hopkinson-Ball
The Winscome project - Mick Aston, Maria Forbes and Teresa Hall
Building recording in 2009 - Somerset Vernacular Buildings Research Group
Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2009 - NC Payne and CJ Webster
Book reviews
Somerset archaeology, 2009 edited by NC Payne and C J Webster
Ecology in Somerset
- Simon J Leach
Changes in the Fern flora of the City of Bath - Helena J Crouch and Fred Rumsey
Additions and corrections to the list of Somerset Beetles - Andrew Duff and Dave Boyce
Shorter communication: Orobanche minor Var. compositarum in Somerset - Helena J Crouch and Fred Rumsey
Natural History reports
Book reviews
Proceedings of the Society
Obituary: Pamela Lilian Brimacombe - Anita Sims
Additions to the Library and articles from non-Somerset periodicals relevant to Somerset - Ann Nix
Associated Societies 2009-10
Contents of recent SANHS volumes
Index - Peter Ellis


Volume 152 - 2009

John Locke and Somerset
- Roger Woolhouse
Pehistoric ritual landscapes and other remains at Field Farm, Shepton Mallet
- Peter Leach
Investigations of late prehistoric and Romano-British settlement at Huntworth, 2006
- Andrew B Powell. Lorraine Mepham and Chris J Stevens
An early medieval estate in the Isle valley of south Somerset and the early endowments of Muchelney Abbey
- Mick Aston
Excavation of an early medieval site at Brent Knoll, Somerset
- Donna E Y Young
Kelston in Domesday Book
- F R Thorn
Former medieval open fields in the eastern Blackdowns
- Roger W Carter
Excavation of an early medieval site at West Wick, Weston-super-Mare
- Kelly Powell
Two recently discovered Civil War hoards from Somerset
- Naomi Payne
Wrought iron windows in Somerset
- John McCann
From Taunton to the Pyrenees: the Revd William Arthur Jones and the early days of the Society
- David Rabson
Shorter Papers:
The context and significance of a Palaeolithic hand-axe from Winscombe - Phil Harding and Mick Aston
Prehistoric standing stones in Banwell - Nick Corcos and Bob Smisson
The story of a stone adze from Winscombe parish - Mick Aston
The silver siliquae from Green Cutting, Kingshams, Ilchester - James Gerrard
St Michael's Church, Seavington: archaeologcal excavation of the nave and chancel - Alan Graham
A Medieval English hand 'reliquary' from Glastonbury Abbey? - T F Hopkinson-Ball
Building recording in 2008 - The Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2008 - Naomi Payne and Anna Booth
Book reviews edited by Stephen Croad
Somerset archaeology, 2008 edited by C J Webster
Ecology in Somerset:
Tributes to Pat Hill-Cottingham
Hoverfly report - Dave and Ted Levy
Book reviews
Proceedings of the Society
Additions to the Library and articles from non-Somerset periodicals relevant to Somerset - David Bromwich
Associated Societies 2007-8
Contents of recent SANHS volumes
Index - Peter Ellis


Volume 151 - 2008

Shapwick, Domesday Book and the Polden Estate
- F. R.Thorn
Iron Age, medieval and recent activity at Whitegate Farm, Bleadon, North Somerset
- Donna E.Y. Young
Woolston Manor Farm, North Cadbury: an outline report of fieldwork in 2006-7 by the South Cadbury Environs Project
- Richard Tabor
The Fransiscan Friary and Civil War defences at Friarn Meadows, Bridgwater
- James Wright and Armour Chelu
The bishop and the guild: the Wells cisis of 1341-3
- Tony Scrase
The Fosse Way and other Roman roads around Bath: excavations and interpretations since 1997
- Peter Davenport
An early medieval secular and ecclesiastical estate: the origins of the parish of Winscombe in North Somerset
- Mick Aston and Michael Costen
Clicket, a co-location of habitation
- Richard Sandover
The west Somerset woollen trade, 1500-1714
- Philip Ashford
Shorter papers:
A Carthusian grange at Green Ore on Mendip - Pip Osborne
A prehistoric wooden artifact from the Axe valley - Nick Corcos
Lithic finds from Larkbarrow Farm, Exmoor - Richard McDonnell
A medieval seal matrix from Baltonsborough - T F Hopkinson-Ball
Building recording in 2007 - The Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2007 - Naomi Payne
Book reviews edited by Stephen Croad
Somerset archaeology, 2007 edited by T S Bagwell and C J Webster
Ecology in Somerset edited by Pat Hill-Cottingham
Overlapping footprints: gauging threats from development - M. Anderson
Monitoring survey of Segmentina Nitida (MÃŒller 1774) on Catcott North Reserve, August 2007 - Pat Hill-Cottingham
Glow-worm Lampyris Noctiluca: a study in a Mendip village - Peter Bright
Hoverfly report - D and T Levy
Book reviews
Obituary: Norman Quinnell - Peter Ellis
Additions to the Library 2007 - David Bromwich
Some articles of Somerset interest in non-Somerset periodicals received during 2007 - David Bromwich


Volume 150 - 2007

A Bronze Age field and figure from Hillfarrance
- Timothy Gent and Stephen Reed
Excavations at Ham Hill quarry, Hamdon Hill, Montacute, 2002
- Matt Leivers
An archipeligo in central Somerset: the origins of Muchelney Abbey
- Mick Aston
Excavation and building study at Cleeve Abbey, 1995-2003
- Richard Parker, Tony Ives and John Allan
Building recording in 2006 - The Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Shorter papers:
A collection of lithic artifacts from Ash Priors near Taunton - Christopher Norman
Archaeological recording at the Kings Wessex School playing fields, Cheddar - Janice C Grove with Lorraine Mepham and Rob Goller
Piscina in All Saints' curch Trull - Mark McDermott

Book reviews edited by Stephen Croad
Somerset archaeology, 2006 edited by T.S. Bagwell and C.J. Webster
Ecology in Somerset edited by Pat Hill-Cottingham
A practical assessment of the limitations of the Predictive System for Multimetrics ((PSYM) approach to pond classification - Pat Hill-Cottingham and Anthony Godwin Smith
Uresiphita reversalis
(Guenee, 1854) (LEP: Pyralidae) new to British Isles and possibly Europe - Tony Davis and Doug Miller
Book reviews
Mrs S Rawlins - R W Dunning
John R B S Penoyre - Mark McDermott

Additions to the Library 2006 - David Bromwich
Some articles of Somerset interest in non-Somerset periodicals received during 2006 - David Bromwich
SANHS Officers and Administration

Volume 149 - 2006

Medieval domestic and church roofs in Somerset
- Mark McDermott

Excavation of a Romano-British farmstead at RNAS Yeovilton
- Julie Lovell

Polydore Vergil's hangings in the quire of Wells Cathedral
- Oliver Harris

Excavation and geophysical survey of the Roman settlement at Charterhouse on Mendip
- Alex T Smith and Richard Brown

The Somerset Dendrochronology Project: phases 5 and 6
- Mark McDermott

Building recording in 2005
- Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Romano-British, late Saxon and medieval remains at Cheddar: excavations in 2001
- Derek Evans and Annette Hancocks
Keynsham Abbey excavations 1961-91 Final Report. Part II: summary and review
- Barbara Lowe
The Introduction of the Brown Rat (Ratus Norvegicus)
- John McCann
A late medieval screen fragment from Glastonbury Abbey
- T F Hopkinson-Ball

Medieval remains at Downs Farm, Walton
- Peter Leach

Priddy Hill, Mendip
- Brian Hack
Book Reviews
- edited by Stephen Croad
Somerset Archaeology
- C J Webster and T L Bagwell

Ecology in Somerset
- edited by Pat Hill Cottingham
The changing flora of Somerset: the retreat of cold-climate plants
- Linda Carter
Native Orthopteroids in Somerset: risk of loss
- Mark Anderson
Freshwater Mollusca in Somerset: risk of loss
- Pat Hill Cottingham

Climate change and the Long-winged Cone-head
- Mark Anderson

- Ted Levy and Dave Levy

An alien flatworm kontika ventrolineata recorded in Somerset
- Pat Hill Cottingham

Book Reviews
Professor Leslie Alcock - memories of Cadbury Castle: an obituary


Volume 148 - 2005

Bradley Hill, Somerset, and the end of Roman Britain: a study in continuity?
- James Gerrard
Evidence for the medieval hamlets of Pykeash and Ash Boulogne: archaeological excavations at Ash
- Alan Graham
John Spreat, steward at Chipley, Somerset from 1689 to the 1720s
- Bridget Clarke

Keynsham Abbey excavations 1961-85: final report. Part 1 The architecture
- B Lowe, S A Harrison and M Thurlby
Somerset Archaeology, 2004
- C J Webster
Building recording in 2004
- Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Book Reviews
- edited by Stephen Croad
Ecology in Somerset
- edited by Pat Hill Cottingham
Taming a wetland wilderness: Romano-British and medieval reclamation in the Somerset Levels and Moors
- Stephen Rippon
Unique, unrivalled and disappearing. What hope for Somerset's wetland heritage?
- Richard Brunning
The irrigation of the Levels
- Francis Farr-Cox

Water and wildlife on the Levels
- Martin Drake

The plant life of ditches on the Levels
- Stephanie Greshon

Ecology and conservation of the Lesser Silver Water Beetle Hydrochara Caraboides on the Levels
- David Boyce
Conservation of a rare snail Segmentina Nitida Shining Ram's Horn: problems and possible solutions
- Pat Hill-Cottingham
What future for the Somerset Levels and Moors?
- Christopher Hancock
Administrative Proceedings
Madge Langdon m- An Obituary
Additions to the Library



Cummulative Index 127 - 147


Volume 147 - 2004

Early ecclesiastical sites in Somerset: three case studies
- Michael Calder
TABOR, Richard, Prehistoric Pottery distribution in the surrounding landscape
- Richard Tabor
Excavation at Charterhouse on Mendip, 1994-6: Mesollithic and early Neolithic settlement
- Malcolm Todd
Sir Thomas Gurney of Englishcombe in the county of Somerset: regicide?
- Roy Martin Haines
Hill Farm,Kingston St Mary
- Mary Ewing
A late medieval timber frame at nos 21-22 High St Bath
- Michael Heaton and Peter Davenport
Roman and Medieval remains at Manor Farm, Castle Cary
- Peter Leach and Peter Ellis
The geography of Regilbury Manor, 1730
- Richard Dunn
Archaeological investigations at Templecombe, 1995
- Phil Harding and others
A medieval packhorse bridge at Dowlish Wake, near Ilminster
- Alan Graham
Pensford and the growth of the cloth industry in late medieval Somerset
- John Hare
Further information on the life of Charles Moore (1815-1881), Somerset geologist
- H M Torrens and Michael Taylor
The Barwick Park follies
- Hugh Prudden
Saxon timber from Porlock Marsh
- Richard McDonnell
Roman Pottery from the Charterhouse valley
- Malcolm Todd
Somerset Archaeology, 2003
- Edited by C J Webster
Building recording in 2003
- Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group
Ecology in Somerset: forward
- Pat Hill-Cottingham
The use of Vascular plants as indicators of ancient woodland in Somerset
- R J Thompson and others
Handedness in the British Planorbiidae
- Pat Hill-Cottingham
Effects of mechanical clearing, and its cessation, on the strandline at Sand Bay
Hazel Willmott and Tony Smith


Volume 146 - 2003

Joseph Clark III's reminiscences about the Somerset fossil reptile collector Thomas Hawkins (1810-1889): " Very near the borderline between eccentricity and criminal insanity"
- Michael A. Taylor
Stoney Littleton long barrow: archaeological investigations and observations 1999- 2000
- Alan Thomas
Archaeological survey work at Larkbarrow Farm
- Elaine Jamieson
Somerset Building Stone - a guide
- Hugh Prudden
Medieval archaeological features at Church Street, Milborne Port
- Alex T. Smith
Excavations at a Saxo-Norman settlement, Bickley, Cleeve, 1982-89
- Michael Ponsford
A resistivity survey on the site of the residence of the medieval bishops of Bath and Wells at Blackford
- Naomi Payne
Sixteenth-century enclosure at Ston Easton
- G.A.J. Loxton
Somerset Archaeology, 2002
- edited by C.J. Webster
A new sea dragon From discovery to display
- Dennis Parsons
Cynosorus cristatus caltha palustris grassland at West Sedgemoor
- Hilary L Wallace, Mike V Prosser
Northern yellow cress at Clatworthy reservoir
- I.P. Green, S.J. Leach, E.J. McDonnell, S.J. Parker
The ornate hoverfly
- E.T. Levy & D.A. Levy
Somerset Hoverfly Report 2002
- E.T. Levy & D.A. Levy
Book Reviews

Volume 145 - 2003

Scholars in our Society's Past
- R W Dunning
Mesolithic to Bronze Age activity at Parchey Sand Batch, Chedzoy
- Christopher Norman
Archaeology and the M5 Motorway: the gazetteer of sites in Somerset
- David Dawson, Madge Langdon, Brian Murless, Marion Newsom, Michael Ponsford, and C J Webster
Iron Age material from Charterhouse on Mendip
- Malcolm Todd
Excavations at Hillyfields, Upper Holway, Taunton
- Peter Leach
The great rood of Glastonbury
- Julian M Luxford
The Victorian and Second World War artillery batteries on Brean Down
- C J Webster
The Somerset population prior to the census of 1801
- John Oswin
Yatton Armorial glass
- Nicholas A Deas
Somerset Archaeology, 2001
- edited by C J Webster
Book Reviews
Ecology in Somerset

- edited by Pat Hil-Cottingham
Colonisation by saltmarsh of former agricultural land

- Simon J Leach et al.
Predation of freshwater snails

- Graham M Rix and Pat Hill-Cottingham
The HIstory of Sharpham Moor Plot

- Graham M Rix
Somerset hoverfly report 1999-2001

- E T Levy and D A Levy
Book Reviews


Volume 144 - 2002

Sigwells, Charlton Horethorne: the identification, interpretation and testing of Bronze Age to early medieval landscapes by geophysical survey and excavation
- Richard Tabor and Paul Johnson
A Bronze Age decorated cist from Pool Farm, West Harptree: new analyses
- John Coles, Hildur Gestsdóttir, and Stephen Minnitt
A charter for Abbascombe
- M. Pallister, J. Eastaugh, and F. Milton
Excavations on Iron Age and Romano-British settlements at Cannards Grave, Shepton Mallet
- Vaughan Birbeck
Bourne and Burrington: a Burnantun estate?
- Nick Corcos
Excavations at the County Hotel, Taunton, 1995–6
- Andrew Hutcheson and Phil Andrews
The fairs and markets of Norton St Philip
- Colin J. Brett
Somerset millennium books
- Mark McDermott
Two aspects of sampling
- Pat Hill-Cottingham
A statuette of Mercury from Ilchester
- Martin Henig and Stephen Minnitt
A late-Saxon comb handle from Bawdrip
- C. and N. Hollinrake
A Roman burial at Coate’s barn, Greinton
- Peter Leach
St George’s churchyard, Hinton St George
- Alan Graham
Somerset Archaeology, 2000
- edited by C.J. Webster
Book reviews
SANHS AGM and Officers
Additions to the Library


Volume 143 - 2001

Iron Age and Romano-British sites along the Bowden reservoir link pipeline, south-east Somerset
- Caron Newman and Elaine L Morris, with David Bonner
Thomas Kytson and Somerset clothmen, 1529-1539
- Colin J Brett
Excavations at Newton St. Lowe Castle, 1975-1984
- Christopher J Arnold
The Whitmarsh Family, carriers and coachmasters of Taunton and Yeovil, 1685-1848
- Dorian Gerhold
A columbarium at Compton Martin church
- John McCann, Mark McDermott and Frank Pexton
A survey of the mid C19 buildings of the Chard canal basin and wharves
- Alan Graham
Charterhouse on Mendip: interim report on excavations in 1995
- Malcom Todd
Wells Cathedral: west front excavations, 1987-1989
- Charles and Nancy Hollinrake
Somerset Archaeology
- edited by C J Webster
Somerset County Museums Service: summary list of accessions 1997-1999
Book reviews


Volume 142 - 1999

The excavations at the reredorter at Cleeve Abbey
- C J Guy
Cleeve Abbey: The Pottery
- J Allan
Excavations at Ham Hill, Montacute, Somerset, 1994 and 1998
- J J McKinley
Ilchester Great Yard archaeological excavations 1995
- R A Broomhead
Somerset Archaeology 1998
- C J Webster
Brays and Laceys: a Crewkerne affair and its C16 context
- M Barrett
Memories of the Anglo-Saxon past at Wells Cathedral, 1175-1230
- M M Reeve
Mr Newcomen's friend
- A P Woolrich
A Decoy Town on Blackdown
- J Schofield
The Somerset estates of the Vicars Choral of Wells
- R G Hill
Somerset Dendrochronology, phase 3
- J & J Penoyre
King Eadred of Wessex
- P A Goold
Supplementary notes on bench-ends in Trull Church
- M McDermott
Puckington in the Middle Ages
- E Ellerington
Excavations at Dod Lane, Glastonbury, 1993
- Wessex Archaeology
Botany notes, 1998
- I Green


Volume 141 - 1998

The two Lions at Milborne Port
- Rita Wood
Geological impacts on coastal wetland landscapes: sea level rise, with illustrations from the River Banwell
- J R L Allen
Ilchester Archaeology: a watching brief and salvage excavations at Ivel House, 1997
- Peter Ellis and Peter Lea
Economy and society in C18 Somerset: evidence from neglected sources
- James H Thomas
Medieval Somerset roofs
- Jane Penoyre
The Bishop's Palace at Wookey
- John H Winstone
The building of a barn, byre and carthouse in the Manor of Street between 1340 and 1343
- M G Thompson
Leigh Court, Thomas Hopper and Pythouse
- William Evans
Sir James Thornhill, Dorothy Luttrell and the Chapel in Dunster Castle, 1721-1723
- Jeremy Barker
Garnival's Week: a late C13 base-cruck house in Milverton
- Mark McDermott
Somerset County MPs, 1832-1885: a profile
- Brian Elvins

French emigres at Bath, 1789-1815
- Trevor Fawcett
Somerset Archaeology, 1997
- C J Webster and R A Croft
Medieval effigies at Bawdrip and Huntspill
- Mark Downing
A possible foundry at Ash Priors
- Laurie Walker
The Maltwood Fund
The Treasure Act, 1996
- David Dawson
Botany Notes, 1997
- Ian Green
Book Reviews
Ceramic finds from Glastonbury Abbey (reprint)

Volume 140 - 1997

Charles Moore (1814-1881), Somerset geologist
- C J T Copp, M A Taylor and J C Thackray
The Cupola near Bristol (smelting lead with pitcoal)
- P W King
A geophysical survey of the gardens of West Bower Manor
- Oliver Jessop
Stained glass from Glastonbury
- Anthony Lewis
An iron age shield mount from Meare Village East Lake village
- A P Fitzpatrick
Ceramic finds from archaeological excavation at Glastonbury Abbey, 1901-1979
- Oliver Kent
Dr Joshua Parsons (1814-1892) of Beckington, Somerset general practitioner
- Spence Galbraith
Some Bruton town houses
- Jane and John Penorye
Somerset archaeology 1996
- C J Webster and R A Croft
Abbot Aelred Watkin - an obituary
- Dom Philip Jebb
Dr C A Ralegh Radford - an obituary
- Robert Dunning
Joan Davena Peden - an obituary
- Colin Clements
White-clawed crayfish in the River Tone: status and projections
- R J Thompson
Eel populations in rivers in the Somerset catchment
- Francis Farr-Cox
Hoverflies in wood: an example of management conflict
- Pat Hill-Cottingham
Mollusc atlas project
- Pat Hill-Cottingham
Somerset lepidoptera 1996
- Tony Liebert and Roger Sutton

Volume 139 - 1996

The resident gentry of Somerset in 1502

- Michael Havinden
Excavations at Benedict Street, Glastonbury 1993
- Richard Brunning et al
The South Cadbury environs project
- Peter Leach and Richard Tabor
Archaeological sites along the Ilchester to Odcombe pipeline
- Andrew Crockett
Excavation at West Huntspill, 1993
- Margaret Heslop and Madge Langdon
Roman settlement and salt production on the Somerset coast
- Stephen Rippon
A Romano-British building at Crimbleford Knap, Seavington St Mary
- A H Graham and J M Mills
The restoration of Stocklinch Magdalen church
- Mark McDermott
Examples of imported earthenware
- R J C Coleman-Smith
Somerset archaeology 1995
- C J Webster and R A Croft
The Rt Hon. the Earl Waldegrave, K.G.: obituary
- T W Mayberry
John Frederick Lawrence
- Chris Sidaway
Eileen Mary Davey
- Chris Sidaway
The loss of unimproved grassland in Somerset, from 1930s to 1990s
- Maree Whyte
Agrostis stolonifera-carex spp. grassland
- Wendy P Cox and Simon J Leach
Diversity or biodiversity? woodland management in a modern context
- Tony Smith
Somerset lepidoptera 1995
- Tony Liebert and Roger Sutton

Volume 138 - 1994

The experience of the Civil War in the West
- Ronald Hutton
Excavations at Glastonbury Abbey 1987-1993
- Humphrey Woods
Charterhouse on Mendip: interim report on excavations in 1994
- Malcolm Todd
A medieval farmhouse at Meadow Vale Farm, near Wincanton
- Caron Newman, Lorraine Mepham and David Bonner
Lancin Farmhouse, Wambrook
- John Dallimore
Burrow Mump: a revision
- Robert Dunning
Early bench-ends in All Saints' Church, Trull
- Mark McDermott
Nineteenth century Bath-stone walled graves at St Nicholas's church Bathampton
- Margaret Cox and Gwynne Stock
The landed estates of Somerset since 1873
- Peter Dale-Thomas
Note: field survey and excavation of two linear wooden features at Hooper's Ground, Westhay Heath. 1992
- Margaret Cox
Somerset archaeology 1994
- C J Webster and R A Croft
Somerset County Museums Service: summary list of accessions 1994
Test management project, Catcott Parish Plot: a suggested method for the control of Molinia caerulea

- Pat Hill-Cottingham and Dennis Hill-Cottingham
The native black poplar in Somerset, particularly in Taunton Deane
- M Anderson and J Crampin
Atlas flora of Somerset project 1994
- Ian P Green, Paul R Green and Geraldine A Crouch
The mollusc atlas project
- Colin Gillard
Reports from specialist groups: Somerset Bat Group
- Ed Wells
Reports from specialist groups: Somerset Moth Group
- Keith Brown
Reports from specialist groups: Somerset Invertebrates Group
- Pat Hill-Cottingham
Reports from specialist groups: Somerset Lepidoptera1994
- Tony Liebert
Reports from specialist groups: Somerset Hoverfly Records 1994
- E T Levy and D A Levy

Volume 137 - 1993

Excavations at Maidenbrook Farm, Cheddon Fitzpaine, 1990
- I M Ferris and L Bevan
Later Prehistoric and Romano-British Settlement Sites in Somerset: Some Recent Work
- John Gator, Roger H Leech and Hazel Riley
Chartehouse on Mendip: An Interim Report on Survey and Excavation in 1993
- Malcolm Todd
Two Sheila-na-Gigs at Stoke Sub Hamdon
- Paul Ashdown
The Buildings of Bath Priory
- Jean Manco
The Site of the Bishop's Palace, Wookey
- Brian Luker and John Hasler
An Industrial Site at Wookey
- Brian Luker and John Hasler
Some Advice to a Domestic Chaplain in 1663
- William Gibson
Somerset Archaeology 1993
- C J Webster and R A Croft
Wigborough, South Petherton
- Enoch Ellerington
Robin Atthill: an obituary
- Dom Philip Jebb
Jeffrey Valentine Carrington: an obituary
- Philip Radford
Norman Charles Cook: an obituary
- Frances Neale
Peter Greening: an obituary
- Robert Dunning
Rodney O'Dare: an obituary
- Chris Sidaway
The decline in breeding wader populations ..... 1984-1990
- C G Hancock and J A McGeoch
A survey of the woodlands of Somerset from 19th century tythe maps
- Margaret Anderson
Agricultural management practices on the soil of the peat moors
- Morwenna Bolas
Eggs of the brown hairstreak butterfly 1991-1992
- Tony Liebert and Roger Sutton
A key to Somerset ferns
- Pat Hill-Cottingham
Atlas flora of Somerset project 1993
- Ian P Green, Paul R Green and Geraldine A Crouch
Somerset bat group report 1993
- Edward A Wells and Helen Wells
Somerset moth group report 1993
- Ian Bolt and Andrew Duff
Badger group report 1993
- Adrian R Coward
Somerset Lepidoptera 1993
- Tony Liebert, Roger Sutton and Kim Leaver
Somerset hoverfly records 1993
- E T Levy and D A Levy

Volume 136 - 1992

Discovery and first publication of the Alfred Jewel
- Simon Keynes
A record of vegetational and land use change from upland peat deposits on Exmoor, Part three: Codsend Moors
- P D Francis and D S Slater
Romano-British sites observed along the Codford-Ilchester pipeline
- Mick Rawlings
A late Saxon cemetery at Templecombe
- Caron Newman
The abbey enclosure ditch and a late-Saxon canal: Rescue excavations at Glastonbury 1984-1988
- Charles Hollinrake and Nancy Hollinrake
An assessment of the fabric of Holy Trinity Church, Chilton Trinity
- Brian Gittos and Moira Gittos
Excavations at North Street, Stoke sub Hamdon, 1992
- Rebecca Montague, Carrie M Hearne and Dave E Farwell
Excavations within the village of Shapwick
- C J Webster
Henry Savile's map of Bath
- Jean Manco
Hugh Smyth of Ashton Court 1530-1581: Somerset Landowner, Justice of the Peace and trouble-maker
- J H Bettey
George Harbin's transcript of the lost cartulary of Athelney Abbey
- Simon Keynes
Somerset Archaeology 1992
- C J Webster and R A Croft
Combwich causeway
- Chris Sidaway
George But, clay pipe maker
- Richard Maggs
Vernacular architecture notes, 1991
- Historic Buildings Committee
Somerset County Museums Service: summary list of accessions 1992
Temporary sections in the Kellaways and Oxford clay formations of the Wincanton Area
- CR Bristow, BM Cox, HC Prudden, JH Callomon and KN Page
Natrual history notes 1992
Stephen Coleby Morland, MA, FSA, an obituary
- John Brunsdon


Volume 135 - 1991


From Quaker traders to Anglican gentry
- J H Bettey
Ilchester archaeology: ... western defences and suburbs, 1985
- Peter Leach and Peter Ellis
A 'new' stone row on Madacombe, Exmoor
- Martin J Fowler and Hilary J Needham
Excavations at Ham Hill, 1991
- Lesley Adkins
Settlement and landscape at Ramspits, DeerLeap, Westbury-sub-Mendip
- Paul Pattison
The surviving Anglo-Saxon fabric of East Coker Church
- Brian and Moira Gittos
The found of the Agapemone at Spaxton
- Joshua J Schwieso
Somerset Archaeology, 1991
- C J Webster and R A Croft
Late Bronze Age Hog's Back knife from North Petherton
- Stephen Minnitt
Natural history notes 1991
A Roman well at Keynsham
- Michael C Fitter
The building of Durston windmill
- Mary Miles
Bridgwater Castle, West Quay
- Chris Sidaway
A Civil War coin hoard from West Hatch
- Stephen Minnitt
Vernacular architecture notes, 1991
- Historic Buildings Committee
Somerset County Museums Service:summary list of accessions 1990-1991
A survey of the distribution of Orthoptera and allied insects in South and North Somerset
- R S Cropper


Volume 134 - 1990

A record of vegetational and land use change ...peat deposits
- P D Francis and D S Slater
Excavations at Ham Hill, 1983
- George Smith
The Roman site at Fosse Lane ...1990 archaeological investigations
- P J Leach
The Romano-British finds from Wookey Hole
- K Branigan and M J Dearne
The frontier zone & the siege of Mount Badon
- Tim Burkitt and Annette Burkitt
The Somerset hundreds in the geld inquest & their Domesday manors
- SC Morland
Witham Priory: the first English Carthusian monastery
- Ian Burrow and Cathe B Burrow
More pages from a Barlinch schoolbook
- Nicholas Orme
New light on old travel routes: Combwich Causeway & the Harepath
- Hazel Eardley-wilmot
Selling the Bath waters: medical propaganda at an C18. spa
- Trevor Fawcett
Somerset archaeology, 1990
- CJ Webster and RA Croft
A bronze age socketed axe head from Odd Down
- Robin Hanley
Curing chambers and corn kilns in SW England
- EHD Williams
Vernacular architecture notes, 1990
- Historic Buildings Committee
Interglacial pollen assemblage..Chadbrick gravels, Hurcott farm
- CO Hunt
Birds and dragonflies
- Philip Radford
Natural history notes, 1990
- Bryan W Moore
Alfred Leslie Wedlake: an obituary
- Hugh Malet


Volume 133 - 1989

Norton Fitzwarren hillfort
- P Ellis
Fosseway at Bath
- A J Keevil
Tatworth middle field: the 1955 enclosure

- T Dawn
Excavation on St. Michael's hill
- L Adkins and RA Adkins
A french merchant in fourteenth century Wells
- AJ Scrase
Duck decoys
- E Dennison and V Russett
Early bronze age razor
- SC Minnitt
A saxon ring from Wedmore
- H Hudson and F Neale
An unusual medieval bench end in Brompton Ralph church
- JJ Schwieso
St. Cuthbert's Wells, reconsidered
- A Woodger
Vernacular architecture notes 1989
- Historic Buildings Committee
Somerset County Museums Service Accessions1989
Flora of walls in the Chew Valley
- RM Payne
'Mud plants' in North Somerset in 1989
- R Fitzgerald and L McDonnell
Natural History Notes

Volume 132 - 1988

Standing stones of Exmoor
- M J F Fowler
Ham hill stone moulds
- SP Needham, M Cowell, H Howard
Iron age occupation at Dibble's farm
- E L Morris
Romano-British and post-Roman remains
Excavations at Cleeve Abbey 1979
Excavations at 5-8 Fore Street
Excavations in Taunton & Wellington 1982-85
A continuous patrimony
Worle, Woodspring and Wallop
Somerset Archaeology 1988
- E Dennison
Neck-ring or collar
- SC Minnitt
Roman tombstone
- GR Stephens
Glastonbury Abbey Barn
- J Bond
The Poulett vault, Hinton St George
- JWS Litten, DP Dawson, EJ Boore
Vernacular architecture notes 1988
- Historic Buildings Committee
Somerset County Museum Services Accessions 1988
Geology of a gas pipeline from Ilchester to Pucklechurch
- DT Donovan, R Bennett, CR Bristow, SC Carpenter, GW Green, CJ Hawkes, HC Prudden and WI Stanton
Molinia caerulea at Catcott parish plot
- P Hill-Cottingham and A Smith
Dragonflies in Somerset
- JG Keylock
Grassland hemiptera from Exmoor
- JA Hollier

Volume 131 - 1987

Coastal change since 6000 B.P. and the presence of man at Kennmoor, Avon
- S Butler
Somerset Barrows: revisions 1971-1987
- L V Grinsell
Later prehistoric pottery from Ham Hill
- E L Morris
A gazetteer of the Anglo-Saxon sculpture in historic Somerset
- S Foster
Keynsham Abbey: excavations 1961-1985
- B J Lowe et. al.
The Chapel of St Columbanus at Cheddar
- P Rahtz & S M Hirst
Post-Medieval pottery and clay pipes from Cheddar
- K J Barton & A Oswald
The Manor of Stapleton in Martock, and the St Clairs
- C L Sinclair Williams
John Bowen and the Bridgwater scandal
- C A Buchanan
Somerset Archaeology 1997
- edited by E Denison
- S Minnitt, R Pearce, H, Hudson
Vernacular Notes 1987 
- compiled by Historic Buildings Committee members
Somerset Record Office main manuscript accessions 1986/1987
- Somerset Record Office
Somerset County Museums Service accessions 1987
Somerset Willow Warblers
- P Radford
Natural History Notes 1987
Book Reviews
Trustees 1987/1988
Library Additions 1987

130 - 1986

A Record of Vegetational & Land Use Change from Upland Peat Deposits on Exmoor - Part 1: Background and Fieldwork
- P D Francis

Pen, Ilchester & Yeovil: A Study in the Landscape History & Archaeology of South-East Somerset
- K Barker

Excavations at Daw's Castle, Watchet, 1982
- F McAvoy

The Glastonbury Manors & Their Saxon Charters
- S C Morland

Three Rabbit Buries (Pillow Mounds) at Shute Shelve Hill, Axbridge
- V Russett

New Street, Mells - A Building Survey of an Uncompleted Late Medieval Planned Development 
- E H D Williams, J and J Penoyre, B C M Hale

Somerset Apothecaries' Tokens and Their Issuers
- T D Whittet

Somerset Evangelical Clergy
- W Gibson

Somerset Archaeology 1986
- Edited by E Dennison

Archaeological Notes 1986/87
- J W Gardner

Vernacular Architecture Notes 1986
- R G Gilson

Somerset Record Office - Main Manuscript Accessions - 1 July 1985 - 30 June 1986

Losses and Threatened Losses from the Somerset Flora

- R G B Roe

Vascular Plants 1986
- Natural History Notes

Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society AGM & Financial Reports

Library Additions
- Compiled by D Bromwich

Druidical Stones & Church, Stanton Drew, Somersetshire
- Drawing J M Barclay


Volume 129 - 1985


Annual accounts

Additions to the Library

Somerset Archaeology 1984-1985 vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 1-35
- E Dennison

Excavations on the Mound 1971 vol. 129 (1984/1985) pp 37-62
- Jane Carr

Westland vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 63-67
- P J Leach

Excavations at Friarn Street and West Quay vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 69-80
- Peter Ellis

Excavations at Churchfields 1975-78 vol. 129 (1984/85)pp 81-87
- Ruth Keynes

Excavations at Brympton D'Evercy vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 89-92
- Ian Burrow

Notes on watching briefs and fieldwork 1978-1983 vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 93-99
- Peter Ellis

Archaeological Notes
Romano-British head from the Clink vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 101-102
- Stephen Bird
Two watching briefs vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 102-105
- Ian Burrow and E Dennison
A hoard of 17th century trade tokens vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 106-107
- S C Minnitt
Tucker's Farm, Treborough vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 107-109
- E Dennison
Mynchin Buckland Priory vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 110-113
- Ian Burrow

Fragments of a reredos found in church of St. Mary vol.129 (1984/85) pp 115-117
- C A Raleigh Radford

Natural History Notes vol. 129 (1984/1985) pp 119-124

Wood warblers in the forest vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 125-127
- Philip Radford

Three Somerset manor houses vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 129-139
- R G Gilson

John Leland at Somerset libraries vol. 129 (1984/1985) pp 141-154
- James P Carley

The Whitmores and the manor of Keynsham vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 155-160
- Elizabeth White

A Somerset farming account book vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 161-170
- Mary Siraut

Somerset men in the coalfields 1890-1914 vol. 129 (1984/85) pp 171-183
- Penny Bonsall


Book reviews


Volume 128 - 1984

Annual Accounts

Additions to the Library

Somerset Archaeology 1983-1984 vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 1-23
- Ian Burrow, Stephen Minnitt, & Brian Murless,

Duck Decoys in Somerset, A Gazetteer
- R R J McDonnell

Archaeological Notes
One swallow, one summer? A comment on a wooden stake in Kenn Moor vol. 128 (1983/84) p 31
- J M Coles
Two watching briefs vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 32 - 33
- T C Bryant

Glaston Twelve Hides vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 35-54
- Stephen C Morland

A school note-book from Barlinch Priory vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 55-63
- Nicholas Orme

Taunton Fair in the seventeenth century: An achaelogical approach to historical data vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 65-23
- Christopher M Gerrard

Three Hanovarian Prelates vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 75-82
- William Gibson

Thomas Hickey's stay in Bath vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 83-93
- George Breeze

Tracebridge, Stawley vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 95-108
- Eric G Rodwell

Natural History Notes 1983 - 1984 vol. 128 (1983/84) pp 109-125
- Compiled by various contributors


Book reviews


Volume 127 - 1983

Annual accounts

Additions to the Library

A prehistoric wooden stake and the alluvial stratigraphy of Kenn Moor, Avon vol 127 (1983) pp 1-6
- D D Gilberton and A D Hawkins

A decorated bronze axe-head from Worlebury Hill, Weston-Super-Mare vol 127 (1983) pp 7-12
- Nicholas Thomas

Somerset Archaeology 1982 vol 127 (1983) pp 13-31
- Ian Burrow, Stephen Minnitt, Brian Murless

The Excavations in Angel Crescent, Bridgwater vol 127 (1983) pp 33-39
- Ian Burrow

Notes: An Anglo-Saxon carved stone from Henstridge, Somerset & The Ilminster Classis of 1648 vol 127 (1983) pp 41-45
- various authors

Early estates on the Poldens and the origin of settlement at Shapwick vol 127 (1983) pp 47-54
- Nicholas J Corcos

The Panborough Saxon charter, AD 956 vol 127 (1983) pp 55-69
- Hazel Hudson, Frances Neale

Deserted farmsteads on Exmoor and the lay subsidy of 1327 in West Somerset vol 127 (1983) pp 71-104
- Mick Aston

Sir Richard Choke (d. 1483) of Long Ashton vol 127 (1983) pp 105-121
- Joel T Rosenthal

Livestock trade in the West Country during the seventeenth century vol 127 (1983) pp 123-128
- J H Bettey

The Palaeontology of the burtle beds at Middlezoy, Somerset vol 127 (1983) pp 129-130
- C O Hunt, G Clark

Natural History Notes vol 127 (1982-1983) pp 131-134
- various recorders

The Somerset Record Office main manuscript accessions vol 127 (1982-1983) pp 135-140

Book reviews vol 127 (1983) pp 141-147

Volume 126 - 1982

Annual accounts

Additions to the Library

The Environment of Man at Cheddar: 11-10,000 years ago vol 126 (1982) pp 1 - 16
- R M Jacobi

Excavations at Silver Street, Glastonbury, 1978 vol 126 (1982) pp 17 - 31
- Peter Ellis

Excavations in Glastonbury 1978 and 1979 vol 126 (1982) pp 33 - 38
- Peter Ellis

Earthworks in the South-Eastern part of the Abbey Precinct, Glastonbury vol 126 (1982) pp 39 - 42
- Ian Burrow

A deserted farm in the Brendon Hills vol 126 (1982) pp 43 - 60
- P J Leach and T Pearson

Somerset Archaeology, 1981 vol 126 (1982) pp 61 - 91
- edited by Ian Burrow, Stephen Minnitt and Brian Murless

Single-storeyed Medieval Houses: two examples from West Somerset vol 126 (1982) pp 93 - 101
- M B McDermott

Archaeological Notes vol 126 (1982) pp 103 - 106
Priddy Nine Barrows: A 'Correction' Corrected
A Brushwood Structure found near Greylake, Middlezoy
An Edward the Confessor Penny from Glastonbury Abbey: A supplementary note

- L V Grinsell, Robert Cole, Stephen Minnitt

The Medieval Chapel at Southover in Wells, and its possible Anglo-Saxon origins vol 126 (1982) pp 107 - 110
- A J Scrase

Peel, Disraeli and the 1835 Taunton by-election vol 126 (1982) pp 111 - 118
- R E Foster

Some notes on the Geomorphological and Vegetational history of the Saltings at Brean vol 126 (1982) pp 119 - 125
- Hilary Page

Natural History Notes vol 126 (1982) pp 127 - 133

The Somerset Record Office Main Manuscript Accessons 1st July 1981 - 30th June 1982 vol 126 (1982) pp 135 - 139

Book reviews vol 126 (1982) pp 141 - 150

Articles of interest of Somerset in Non-Somerset periodicals received during 1981-2 vol 126 (1982) p 151

General index to Volumes 116 - 126 (1972 - 1981) vol 126 (1982) pp 154 - 166


Volume 125 - 1981

Annual accounts

Additions to the Library

The Medieval Castle at Dunster vol 125 (1981) pp 1 - 15
- J H P Gibb

The Medieval Fields of South East Somerset vol 125 (1981) pp 17 - 29
- Mary Whitfield

A great house and two lanes in Wells vol 125 (1981) pp 31 - 43
- R D Reid and A J Scrase

Base crucks in Somerset (III) and allied roof forms vol 125 (1981) pp 45 - 66
- E H D Williams & R G Gilson

The destruction of Catcott Chapel at the reformation vol 125 (1981) pp 67 - 71
- Geoffrey Woodward

Pollen and organic walled microsfossils from interglacial deposits at Kenn, Avon vol 125 (1981) pp 73 - 76
- C O Hunt

Somerset Natural History vol 125 (1981) pp 77 - 85

Roman lead ingots from the Mendips vol 125 (1981) pp 87 - 92
- G Clement Whittick

Somerset Archaeology 1980 vol 125 (1981) pp 93 - 113
- edited by Ian Burrow, Stephen Minnitt and Brian Murless

Notes vol 125 (1981) pp 115 - 126

The Somerset Record Office Main Manuscript Accessions July 1980 - June 1981 vol 125 (1981) pp 127 - 132

Book reviews vol 125 (1981) pp 133 - 142


Volume 124 - 1980

Annual accounts

Additions to the Library

Rescue excavations at Combe Hay, Somerset vol 124 (1980) pp 1 - 49
- Rosalind Price, Lorna Watts

Some hawkers of Somerset vol 124 (1980) pp 51 - 60
- Virgina D Oggins, Robin S Oggins

Excavations at Stoke sub Hamdon Castle, Somerset, 1976 vol 124 (1980) pp 61 - 76
- P J Leach

The fortified manor house at Newton St. Loe, Interim report on the excavations vol 124 (1980) pp 77 - 86
- C J Arnold

Excavations at Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Somerset, 1973-76 vol 124 (1980) pp 87 - 109
- Ronald Wilcox

Somerset Archaeology 1979 vol 124 (1980) pp 111 - 140

Adelard of Bath and the Astrolabe vol 124 (1980) pp 141 - 150
- Louise Cochrane

The Wowwall: some aspects of earl government and land-drainage early in the 15th century vol 124 (1980) pp 151 - 157
- Harold Coward

Notes vol 124 (1980) pp 159 - 172
Timber Structures in the peat to the south of Chedzoy: Moor Drove
- Christopher Norman
Marchey Farm, Wookey: an early christian earthwork
- Michael Batt
Trial excavations against the north precinct wall, Glastonbury Abbey, December 1980
- Ian Burrow
Two farms in north Brewham
- Michael McGarvie
The Bussex Rhyne
- Paul Curran

Natural History Notes vol 124 (1980) pp 171-172

The Somerset Record Office Main Manuscript Accessions vol 124 (1980) pp 173 - 177

Book Notices vol 124 (1980) pp 179 - 187


Volume 123 - 1979

Annual Accounts

Additions to the Library

The Form of the peat-blue clay boundary on the Somerset Levels vol 123 (1979) pp 1 - 3
- P J Curran

Prehistoric timber structures on King's Sedgemoor: some recent discoveries vol 123 (1979) pp 5 - 18
- Christopher Norman & Colin F Clements

Thirty-three years' digging in Somerset vol 123 (1979) pp 19 - 26
- Professor Philip Rahtz

Base Crucks in Somerset vol 123 (1979) pp 27 - 53
- E H D Williams & R G Gilson

West Newton Manor Farm vol 123 (1979) pp 55 - 64
- R J E Bush

In pursuit of Crownland: the initial recipients of Somerset property in the mid Tudor period vol 123 (1979) pp 65 - 73
- Katherine S H Wyndham

The upper Axe valley, an interim statement vol 123 (1979) pp 75 - 82
- Richard McDonnell

Somerset Archaeology 1978 vol 123 (1979) pp 83 - 104
- Edited by S Minnitt & B J Murless

Notes vol 123 (1979) pp 105 - 113
- Colin F Clements, P R Saunders, J W Gardener, N Shiel & M Stirling, M A Aston

The Burtle sand beds of Somerset: the significance of freshwater interglacial molluscan faunas vol 123 (1979) pp 115 - 117
- D D Gilbertson

Somerset Ferns vol 123 (1979) pp 119 - 126
- Olive Hallam

Natural History Recorders Notes vol 123 (1979) pp 127 - 132

Somerset Record Office Main Manuscript Accessions July 1978-1979 vol 123 (1979) pp 133 - 136

Book Notices vol 123 (1979) pp 137 - 144

Obituaries vol 123 (1979) pp 145 - 147


Volume 122 - 1978

Trustees AGM

Additions to the Library

Annual Accounts

Gardens and Earthworks at Hardington and Low Ham, Somerset vol 122 (1978) pp 11-28
- M Aston

Strip Lynchets: The case study of South Cadbury, Somerset vol 122 (1978) pp 29-35
- J Hardwick

Vegetation and land use on Exmoor vol 122 (1978) pp 37-51
- O Hallam

Bacon curing chambers - some recent discoveries vol 122 (1978) pp 53-56
- E H D Williams

Air reconnaissance of Somerset - some recent results vol 122 (1978) pp 57-78
- R H Leech

Late Saxon and early medieval pottery from the deserted village of Barrow (?) in Odcombe parish ST 508173 vol 122 (1978) pp 79-82
- T Pearson & M Aston

Bronze age metalwork in Somerset: a catalogue of stray finds vol 122 (1978) pp 83-101
- I Colquhoun

Archaeological watching briefs in Avon and Somerset 1977 vol 122 (1978) pp 103-111
- P Ellis

Quakers in Chard vol 122 (1978) pp 113-116
- W Macdonald Wigfield

Somerset Archaeology 1977 vol 122 (1978) pp 117-152
- edited by M A Aston and B J Murless

Notes: Four shaft-hole implements from Dunster vol 122 (1978) pp 153-159

Somerset Natural History Recorders Notes vol 122 (1978) pp 161-165

Somerset Record Office Main Manuscript Accessions July 1977-June 1978 vol 122 (1978) pp 167-172

Book Notices vol 122 (1978) pp 173-181



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